Founded by two Italians, who both loves to cook, eat, design, and beauty. Also driven by the desire of completing life with quality.


CUBO, a specialist company of kitchen and wardrobe, also imports Made in Italy products including loose furniture for indoor and outdoor as well as innovative architectural products.

In every respect, CUBO is an Italian company that started by two Italians - One has fifteen years of experience in furniture business while the other is a skilled master in furniture who has experiences working with famous designers in realising their sketches of work into reality. They sealed their fate together while working on a kitchen project in Singapore and the rest is history.

Importantly, both with pride and experiences, it is their beliefs bringing quality product with workmanship and also because out of the love for ‘Made in Italy’, from design to shipment to installation that is fully oversees by Italian, so to ensure these qualities and services are in style.

What is 'Made in Italy’?

It is traditionally associated with the “beautiful and well made” a fundamental characteristic of Italian products: design, high in creativity, innovation, originality, style and quality.

Made in Italy’ label also means that a product is entirely made in Italy, from the design and working out on paper, up till the product is made finished and ready for sale. The Made in Italy name denote the actual and total provenance and production in Italy of the article that bears its name..



Italian Designer

Italian Designer

Italian Production

Italian Production

Italian Freight-Agent

Italian Installer


Andrea Reicherl
Partner, Design

Cesare Catone
Partner, Techincal