Engineered Enhancement Pocket Door System

Sliding pocket doors that take up no living space!


ECLISSE SYNTESIS® COLLECTION will transform your wall into a blank canvas to release your creative energy.

The collection is formed of a modular system
able to combine different technologies: pocket
sliding doors, hinged doors and baseboard.

The concept that unites the products in the ECLISSE SYNTESIS® COLLECTION is the absence of external frames (jambs and
architraves). This results in sliding pocket door
systems and flush wall installation for hinged
doors and baseboard.

Finally, a concept for designing a space without compromising on functionality, patented technology and aesthetics.

ECLISSE SYNTESIS® LINE is the sliding pocket system without jambs and architraves. Thanks to the total integration in the wall and the absence of frames along its perimeter, this system reaches a perfect synthesis between technology and design for a stunning aesthetic result.
The pocket system includes elements and technical details that can be pre-rendered or plasterable, allowing the door and the wall to have the same finishing and guaranteeing a perfect camouflage effect.

ECLISSE SYNTESIS® LINE BATTENTE is the solution that allows installing a hinged door flushing with the wall, this means a door with no frame: no jambs, no architraves. The doors can be painted in the same colour of the wall, perfectly hiding from the view, and blending in with the rest of the wall. Alternatively, the door panel can be lacquered or decorated with finishing or prints that emphasize them, becoming real design elements.

Matching both solutions together, sliding and hinged, you can get a perfectly coherent and
minimal result.

Eclisse Syntesis.PNG