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Bespoke Door by ADL Design



where the artistry of design seamlessly merges with

cutting-edge technology to redefine the boundaries of interior spaces.

Our homes serve as havens, providing us with tranquility and comfort—a refuge where we can leave our troubles behind. ADL’s commitment to technological and stylistic excellence focuses on crafting objects that ensure optimal performance in termsof functionality, reliability, silence, aesthetic harmony, and meticulous attention to detail. These qualities serve as perfect boundaries, effectively isolating sounds, regulating airflow, and managing light transparency, refractions, and reflections. This approach results in doors with an Aluminium Frame Glass Door that foster a heightened sense of comfort, delivering an exceptional user experience.

ADL specializes in the design and production of sliding systems, hinged doors, flush doors, and the innovative aluminium made door. The extensive variety of opening systems includes large pivot hinges and the Mies project partitions, all crafted entirely from glass. Each system encompasses a wide range of openings, and ADL's remarkable production flexibility allows for seamless combinations of aluminum with diverse materials such as glass, wood, stone, and coveted metals. This flexibility facilitates the creation of bespoke doors that foster connections between different parts of the house, enhancing architectural and interior design perspectives while meeting individual lifestyle needs and enhancing overall well-being.

Addressing diverse market needs, our extensive range of products and opening types, organized into 18 distinctive collections, showcases the full potential of aluminum and glass. ADL explore new materials in the world of doors, relying on cutting-edge technology to guarantee long-term reliability. Their opening systems effortlessly integrate into any living space, fostering a harmonious connection between volumes. Their interior aluminium made and glass doors epitomize sleekness, functionality, and refined aesthetics, offering a diverse array of opening types to suit your every need – from sliding glass doors, sliding glass doors with tracks, pocket doors, swing doors, pivot doors, bifold doors, to flush doors.

Technology & Design

ADL doors feature a frame crafted entirely from aluminum, striking a harmonious balance between lightweight construction and robust durability. This technical aspect complements the glass pane, providing not just visual appeal but also contributing to sound and odour isolation. The aluminium frame, coupled with various finish options, allows you to tailor the light levels within your space, ensuring a personalized ambiance. Each aspect, from form to material, finish, and colour, is meticulously designed and chosen for a specific purpose. At CUBO COLLECTIVE, design doesn't just coexist with technology; it complements and enhances it.

Light Control

Experience the art of light control with our glass doors. These doors not only grant access to natural light but also shroud the room's interior from prying eyes. Glass, with its unique ability to control, reflect, and refract light, acts as an ethereal border, concealing and protecting the space within. It serves as an effective screen, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor realms, creating a balance between openness and privacy. Glass, viewed as something magical for centuries, facilitates communication between the visible and invisible, seamlessly connecting reality with the divine.

Innovative Glass Solutions

Catering to the evolving needs of residents, our collection encompasses more than traditional etched and reflecting glass. Explore a wide range of innovative glass solutions, including textured glass and stratified mesh glass. These options provide versatility, allowing you to customize your space in a way that enhances both aesthetics and functionality.

As part of ours and ADL commitment to innovation, we proudly present the latest collection - the Frameless Glass Wall.

Frameless Glass Wall

Immerse yourself in the contemporary elegance of our Frameless Glass Wall collection. Elevating the concept of spatial design, these seamless room dividers boast high acoustic insulation while allowing the natural dance of light to grace the surrounding space. Experience the perfect fusion of form and function with our state-of-the-art designs.

Discover a world where design and technology coalesce to create spaces that transcend the ordinary. At CUBO COLLECTIVE, we invite you to explore the magic of light, space, and design through ADL exceptional interior aluminium frame glass doors. Redefine your living experience with us.

Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Glass Door System

  • Aesthetically pleasing doors will complement and lift the overall interior of your space
  • Complete opening of the sliding doors
  • Opening Systems: Sliding Door / Sliding Door with Drag / Pocket Door / Swing / Pivot / Folding
  • Easy to install and maintain doors for years to come
  • Its space-saving feature will make a lot of space available and make the room look spacious
  • Adding style elements and beauty to your room
  • Making the space welcoming and soothing for the visitors
  • Offering a wide range of door configurations that clients can choose from
  • The best sliding glass doors will be installed by experts
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