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Concealed Door / Invisible Door

Concealed door/Invisible door is a feature wall that also a façade for a pair of entry way doors!

To avoid from prying eyes, CUBO Concealed doors/Invisible doors allows you a free leeway of entryway/storage capacity result that doesn’t sentinel of place with the rest of the interior intention. We at CUBO able to reveal the secrets behind these ingenious elements which fusion seamlessly with the overall design, they look stunning while also adding separation between different places. Cubo Collective specialises in an elegant and graceful installation that tops functionality with beautiful aesthetics.


CUBO focus on providing 100% made in Italy innovative ‘Flush with the wall’ doors with concealed door frames/invisible door frames and hidden hinges. Features are short production and shipping lead-times by bedding in the standard width: 800mm & 900mm by height: 2100mm & 2400mm door frames.

To better fulfil any demands to allocate more spaces, CUBO offers a variety of pull or push flexibility flush door to sit in the same plane of the wall, space-saving solutions such as an internal sliding pocket doors system or exposed sliding doors, and aluminium glass swing doors. 

CUBO Concealed doors/frameless doors are easy to install and fit all standard sizes and wall thicknesses as well as custom wall openings. It is a special design along with the concealed door frames/invisible door frames to achieve a frameless and trimless look that many users, architects/designers, and installers are exploring for in modern-day creation.

To achieve a "Flush with the Wall" glance, we have incorporated Simonswerk, ST311 - adjustable concealed hinges a vital component as compared to the ordinary ‘butterfly’ Hinges which are bulky and visible that cart off from the minimal flush design, when the door is closed. With the ingenuity discovery of the adjustable concealed Hinge" it allows the installing of any flush door that needs to sit perfectly aligned in the door opening with perfection. The traditional butterfly exposed hinges are not adjustable and, given the unavoidable imperfections that will not allow you to fine tune the door panels position at all times. However, the concealed hinges are always included with the concealed door frames/frameless door in Singapore. Hence, being 100% made in Italy, CUBO trust in the performance of this key component.


Our Concealed doors/Invisible doors are made to be so much more than just separations! They take everything from aura to the dynamic of the place into account to make installation as intricately perfected as possible. We make our products highly versatile to fit in a variety of environments where you can forget about them when closed and appreciate the ease-of-use when opened.

We equip these doors with distinct styling methods and various design languages. This means they can complement wherever they are used and always be something that gratifies you with their convenience. No matter how detailed or intricate you want them to be, we will get the precise job done with no hassle.

From kitchens to living rooms, even the bathrooms, they can be installed just about anywhere you want. In a kitchen to make things organized or in a room for additional storage! You govern the usage!

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