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Sliding Pocket Door Systems made by ECLISSE

ECLISSE Syntesis slide and hide pocket door systems are 100% made in Italy and designed to work perfectly and to be simple to install. CUBO’s objective is to maintain a constant contact with the manufacturer, users, architects, and installers, and use their insights constantly to develop new ideas and construct extraordinary solutions on the slide and hide pocket door systems that are simple to install, functionally flawless and easy to maintenance.

ECLISSE set out to revolutionize the concept of the sliding door system and so enable any type of frame to be hidden. Unlike outmoded hinged doors, ECLISSE Syntesis sliding pocket door permits to recover the breathing space usually taken up by the radius of the door swinging and support by creating a roomier (2 spacing) and more hospitable environment, offering greater furnishing options

As compared to conventional hinged doors, CUBO sliding door in Singapore offers technical details in every living space. CUBO offers versatility solutions in how you use your house thanks to sliding pocket door systems made in Italy by ECLISSE. As compared to conventional hinged doors, ECLISSE sliding pocket doors offer technical details in every living space. Reason to choose ECLISSE sliding pocket doors is for more freedom in your layout, uses all the available space and opens-up smaller areas but instead using a hinged door will restrict your planning options, wastes lots of space and difficult to use in small areas. They open-up two spaces into one private when needed and do not take up the same space as a swing door.

ECLISSE Sliding Door Features

Extractable track system –No involvement of any masonry work with ECLISSE Syntesis sliding pocket door systems. ECLISSE was the first to patent the extractable track which allows the users to remove the track at any time. In this case, FREE from maintenance on the track and runners as there are chrome steel ball bearings run in enclosed track that they will not derail yet exchange with smooth and quiet sealed for life runners in return

Two adjustable door stops –ECLISSE Syntesis sliding pocket door system has specially designed small clamps that hold the door in the closing position so that when a pocket door is closed, it will not start to sliding back in the opening position or divulging a chink of light when closing

Enhanced resin-coated integrated-structure aluminum profiles –The structure profiles are pre-coated and pre-treated with a unique resin at the vertical reinforced bars, top beam, and the metal door stop which always helps to adhesion of the final finishing layer

Sealing Strips –To allowing for tolerance on little differences in height the ECLISSE Syntesis FLUSH sliding door system has equipped with a paintable sealing strip that close off the space between the door and the track to hide it from any unsightly.

Rear bracket and self-centering door guide system –No longer having the self-centering door to be drilled on the floor but instead screwed on the frame has made the inserting the door panel much easier and faster, thanks to the combination of the rear bracket. With this guide ingeniously is guarantees a perfectly centered position always.

Reinforced joint & Vertical reinforced bars –The reinforced joint is specifically guaranteed for the one-dimensionality and a superior nexus of door track, door frame and vertical bars. On comparison with competitor’s pocket door without the vertical reinforced bars, ECLISSE Syntesis sliding pocket door Singapore can improve the intensity level of the pocket door by more than 40% with the preceding profiles and the risk of bending is considerably reduced without any compromising.

Pocket door Singapore

ECLISSE Syntesis flush collection is a fascinating adjunct element to various homes because it is a pocket door system without jambs and architraves, a concealed hinged door frame, hidden compartments, and a flush baseboard adapter. The flush pocket door Singapore is incorporated with the new resin-coated integrated structure/aluminum profile which can help by reducing the drying and the installation time. It is simple and easy to install on a drywall plaster along the perimeter of the doorway to enjoy such advantages. ECLISSE Syntesis LUCE system allows the owner to install up to 10 electrical boxes (5 units on each side) directly on the pocket; while the wall up that accommodate with the counter-frame will develop availability for illumination purpose and especially switches, which are always at hand.

In addition, ECLISSE sliding door in Singapore can be painted in the same color as the wall and/or covered with wallpaper. Plus, to maintain the perfect coplanarity with the wall; ECLISSE flush system has inbuilt the standard tensioning rod within the door panel to sustain adaptability over time. In the same fashion, if you want the (1 spacing) wall surface to be flat alongside the furniture able to lean to the wall totally then ECLISSE special profile is the solution to install a baseboard flush to the wall which allows to backlit your baseboard with LED stripes. Not only, any of your electrical panels, plumbing, service compartments can also be totally flushed, integrated, concealed into the wall of the hidden compartments but also, available in push-pull opening or with key lock option.

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