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Seamless Door


SECRET is the honeycomb filling flush door collection by CUBO ARCHI that allows customization and guarantees modernity in every milieu.

Of the finest works of our interior designing team are Flush Doors! These doors are a way to add immediate appeal and aesthetic glory to any household. Modern, unique and technically advanced, these add stealth to your kitchen, while also serving as clear and apparent cleavage between inside and out.

With our flush door solutions, we believe in modernizing your old and ancient kitchen while punctuating it with elegance and perfection. In line with our goals to let interiors be more personalized than ever before, we provide complete control over essentials like texture, colour and finish. It combines an invisible aluminium frame (which can be integrated into plasterboard walls and brick walls).

All SECRET honeycomb filling flush doors are integrated with concealed hinges, the most performing invisible hinges that are adjustable on three axes that closures do not required lock and complement with the accessories of built-in self-closing device, opening and closing damper, mobile threshold, and magnetic lock.  

The uniqueness of SECRET honeycomb filling flush door technology has the feature of great versatility that can be adapted to both opening directions at the installation phase. It is a flush door solution that can be customised appropriately to any condition and to be produced in various dimensions, up to maximum 3 metre height.  

SECRET adapts to every design need in terms of panache and ornamentation. The minimalism of SECRET honeycomb filling flush door with hidden frame enhances the leaf material and gives it character by secretly conceals the passage with chameleon-like art is the solution to emphasis and mimesis of the passage, respectively.

The useful technical details all about the door frame that you must know:

Long lasting and paintable – The aluminium frame is firstly subjected to and anodization treatment against oxidation and then it is primer-coated to facilitate paint cohesion.

Very strong frame – The frame profile weighs about 2 kg/m.

NO cracks! – The frame profile is specially designed to avoid cracks.

Spacer panels in OSB 3 – 25mm thick and pre-assembled to ensure a perfect squaring of the frame.

6 adjustable clamps – The clamps are adaptable to any height required and can to be easily prepared to be fixed on the solid wall.

Trademark – The frame is recognizable thanks to the trademark.

Quote 100mm – It helps the installer finding the “0” quote.

The useful technical details all about the door panel that you must know:

THE DOOR – Primer-coated to improve cohesion of wall paint and lacquer (both opaque and glossy). Full hollow core along with double solid wood perimeter to enhance inflexibility.

THE MAGNETIC LOCK – It has modern design and minimal lines; it remains “flush” and guarantees an extraordinary softness while closing.

THE HINGES – 3 Triple adjustable hinges (height, width, depth).

TENSIONING ROD – Special adjustable device to ensure constant tension on the door panel, improving the flatness of the door.

A modern solution for a conventional problem

Our flush doors are a quick way to revamp your existing kitchen. They incorporate an aesthetic sense that is standard with modern offerings and requirements. Seamlessly integrating into the wall, these look like just another portion of your walls and seem almost magical when used.

Flushed into the wall, they don't take anything away from the aesthetic sense you have managed to incorporate. Instead, they highlight that as they disappear right away and complete the desired atmosphere.

A spectrum of design choices

Our engineers and designers have dedicated their lives to making these doors personal. With a range of textures and designs, you can bag the exact look you desire and have been hoping for. We understand everything about distinct home themes and styles and therefore have structured our offerings in line with that.

No matter the shade or hue or the colour intensity, we will deliver the product you asked for! Over the years, our craftsmen have mastered the precise details and create end products that are marked with the premium quality you won't find elsewhere.

Within every SECRET honeycomb filling flush door, there is a story of constant endeavours and dedication – is the vogue for a timeless interior style with a radiant and minimalist design.

CUBO offers a ‘SECRECT’ solution for revolving doors, pivoting, and sliding pocket doors with the story of constant endeavours and dedication that has led us to be the ultimate SECRET honeycomb filling flush door company.

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