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Cubo Collective Italian Furniture Singapore

Furniture completes your vacant house. While complementing the overall aesthetic of the place, it radiates a homely sentiment. It is what makes a house become a home. It is fundamental for every interaction with the family, friend, and or loved one.

Made with perfection and elegance, we thrive in helping places become far more graceful with our premium collection of sofas, beds, chairs, side cabinets, tables, chairs, and much more. With wood that is itself a statement punctuated with authenticity and grace, we create Premium furniture Singapore that stings attraction and becomes a source of consistent praise.

Twils Sofa / Armchair

Etan by Twils / Design by Robin Rizzini
Etan by Twils / Design by Robin Rizzini

Relax in style with Twils’ range of sofas and armchairs. Whether you prefer a bold and curved design or a customisable modular system, we have something to suit your space and personal taste.

Choose the design you want to relax on and discover the sofa that is right for you.

Every sofa needs to be welcoming. While complementing the overall design of the place, it must be marked with comfort and homely vibes. Keeping this integral to our products, we incorporate a range of material choices, including fabric and leather, which add value to your experiences. No matter if you have friends or family, you will rejoice in every bit of the experience with our Italian design furniture sofa collection. A movie night or a party mood, everything will be worth it when you have our sofas at your place.

Biggie by Twils / Design by Luca Nichetto
Biggie by Twils / Design by Luca Nichetto

A comfortable and stylish one-seater sofa is essential for your relaxation needs. Check out our wide selection of armchairs to find the perfect one to indulge in the luxurious comfort.


With our Italian designer furniture Singapore, households have always remarked about perfection. We bring that to every furniture option we have, including tables.

Tables are more than just surfaces. They are a source of interaction and enjoyment when you have friends over or want to relish a meal with the entire family. They add aesthetic dynamic to your place while topping off with functionality to make your home much more usable.

Durability is crucial for tables. You don't want to get hands-on with something that will develop cracks or creaks over time. We take that in mind and offer elegance hand-in-hand with top-notch durability. This means that you can have our furniture for years to come and not worry about anything.

Side Cabinets

With sheer modernism and aesthetics, our side cabinets will add prompt storage to any room. Their versatility entails their perfect addition to any atmosphere or aura.

Night Furniture

An intimate space in which each individual can feel totally at ease and relaxed. This is the basic idea underlying the design of the bedrooms. The goal is to achieve a design that expresses beauty and charm while guaranteeing unsurpassed comfort. Courtesy of a very wide range of customisable products, everyone can choose their own personal idea of relaxation in their individual style. Bold contrasts or subtle pairings; beds and bedroom furniture mix and match, creating vibrant combinations.

When the day ends, a bed is something you will always tend towards. Therefore, we offer creative and designer Italian brand furniture beds that will add immediate grace to your bedroom and radiate all the cozy comfort vibes you dig!

Cubo Collective Italian design furniture in Singapore

For our Italian design furniture, Singapore has been an enthusiastic client that loves to hire us to incorporate top-notch aesthetic details into its various households.

Italian Brand Furniture: Step Into the New Furniture World with Our Premium Designs

It's time to redesign your living space with our modern, innovatively imported Italian furniture. Furniture that will make your home look great by adding a touch of elegance and style at the same time. Delivering you the best-quality furniture in Singapore, you can easily obtain high-quality premium furniture in Singapore that will undoubtedly complement your space.

Premium Design Italian Furniture

If you're aiming to give your space a touch of Italian sophistication, look no further. Cubo Collective presents a beautiful collection of Italian design furniture that effortlessly blends classic elegance with craftsmanship. As a renowned Italian brand furniture company, we are recognised for our commitment to using the highest quality materials in crafting each piece. Whether you prefer a modern or classic aesthetic, our diverse furniture range caters to various types and preferences. Elevate your space with our premium furniture in Singapore, characterized by enduring beauty and functional elegance. Delve into our beautifully designed furniture collections and discover the ideal match for your space!

About Cubo Collective

Cubo Collective is a renowned Italian brand furniture company, providing you with interior furnishings here in Singapore. We are known for our premium Italian furniture that perfectly fits your home. the concept was brought into Singapore by two Italians with the aim of offering people finest furniture selection With years of field experience, CUBOCollective has been providing our clients with premium-quality Italian brand furniture at modest prices.

Whether you are looking for bedroom, living or office furnishing, Cubo Collective has made everything available under one roof. Delivering to you aesthetically appealing furniture keeping utmost professionalism in our service.

Modern Furniture Designs

Contact us today and let us offer you some great pieces of beds, sofas, and tables that will complement your interior.

Intricate and Modern Designs

Furniture is one of the most worthwhile things that you can invest in. Whether you want to have a nice sitting area or a comfy bed to relax after a hard day’s work, the perfect furniture is one thing that will serve as the basis of your place.

By choosing our modern furniture designs, you can add a touch of elegance to your space while improving your overall visual appearance. Intending to turn your space into your ultimate relaxing spot, we offer you a complete range of premium quality Italian furniture.

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In the case of any issues or queries, you can contact us anytime. Our team will get back to you at your earliest convenience. If you need any immediate assistance, you can contact us and talk to our team members directly. Besides this, you can also send us an email with your questions.

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