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Cubo Collective Italian Wardrobe Design

We believe wardrobes go beyond just being storage solutions. They are an expression of personalisation that harmonises your dressing and various styling preferences. While everything you own voices everything about your personality, we are driven to bring that exact dynamic to your wardrobes!

Bedroom is made up of beds, dressers, bedside tables, chests of drawers and wardrobes, where the attention to detail is what makes all the difference. The most intimate space in the house is decorated with modern features that express all of your personalise style.

Our Italian wardrobe design transform your bedroom into an organised, custom-made space.

The ultimate way to create the most practical solution which is customised to your requirement is having the wardrobe suited out with applicably internal fittings and accessories.

Italian Wardrobe Design

Elegance personified the perfect his & hers wardrobe

Our Italian wardrobe design spectrum personifies elegance! Courtesy of modern and traditional aesthetic integration, we offer solutions versatile for every aura and atmosphere. No matter how your room looks, we will carve an end product that completes and complements everything. This eradicates your reservations about having done wardrobes after the initial interior designing!

Our engineers and interior designers are in a constant seek for innovation. They are always coming up with new and improved designs that will catch eyes and win appreciation! Simultaneously, our workforce is consistently revamping its working model to do the job in the shortest time.

Our specialist designer will design to bring together form and function. It includes a selection of design solutions to furnish different corners of your bedroom, and not only functional, but also in style.


For HERS… Lots of women dream of having plenty of organised space for storing and admiring their clothes.

The perfect space for hanging long dresses you need and it has to be tall.

Jewellery is the ultimate compliment to any outfit and you can never have too much storage space for keeping it tidy. Compartmentalize the internal drawer with organiser and dividers is the great way to do it. For example, perhaps adding practical ring holder or trinket compartment to keep them in place?

How about imagine a mirror that also serves as a handy clothes rail:

Before heading out, isn’t it wise to get the ideal combination of those final selection in placed you need to finish your outfit.

Certainly not forgetting the gentlemen needs… HIS spaces for suits and jackets that is important for him too, but it need not be overly tall for storing their outfits.

A faultlessly folded trousers rack makes it easy to keep your wardrobe tidy and, with your trousers all lined up and on view, they are easy to pick out. A perfectly practical solution.

Trinket trays of compartments for watches and belts, and a tie rack provide a tailormade spot for storing accessories to complete his outfit, all ready to go. Small details which are yet practical to make everything a little easier and much more organised

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