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Engineered Enhancement ECLISSE Pocket Door System

ECLISSE Sliding pocket doors that take up no living space!
Sliding pocket doorsECLISSE SYNTESIS

ECLISSE SYNTESIS COLLECTION will transform your wall into a blank canvas to release your creative energy.

The collection is formed of a modular system able to combine different technologies: pocket sliding doors, hinged doors and baseboard.

The concept that unites the products in the ECLISSE SYNTESIS COLLECTION is the absence of external frames (jambs and architraves). This results in sliding pocket door systems and flush wall installation for hinged
doors and baseboard.

Finally, a concept for designing a space without compromising on functionality, patented technology and aesthetics.

ELCISSE SYNTESIS LINE is the sliding pocket doors system and solution for the separation of the spaces without jambs and architraves, to coexist in perfect balance out of the design envisages for aesthetics, well-being, and functionality at all times. Usually, the sliding pocket door system is used in the home’s interior as its perfectly integrated completely with the surrounding walls so when open, the magic wand ‘disappears’ the doors into the fissure deep space inside the wall with the pre-rendered, pasterable yet much more durable elements and to regaining a picturesque space saving, that can be seems to be your home alley.       

ECLISSE SYNTESIS LINE BATTENTE is an architectural hollow core door to total express your interior design with double solid wood frame to increase rigidity; not forgetting, is the customised solution that allows the door frame to integrate  on a single hinged door flush with the wall completely with no jambs and architraves. Thanks to the option with or without header, it has now successful grants a full integration between the door panel, wall, and ceiling to distinctive the feature of ECLISSE SYNTESIS LINE BATTENTE possibility. 

Matching both solutions together, sliding and hinged, you can get a perfectly coherent and minimal result.

Pocket Door

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